Welcome to Merenda da Jessie’s virtual bakery!

My name is Jessica, a hopeless dreamer and food lover. Merenda da Jessie was born as an Italian food blog several years ago now, as a result of my passion for both writing and baking. Much water has passed under the bridge since I first started, but my love for food has never left my side. I have always loved to combine in my kitchen ingredients and recipes belonging to different traditions and latitudes, but now that I live on the other side of the ocean, I have started feeling the need of recovering my culinary roots, of retrieving the core of my Italianness. And it is exactly from this need, combined with the willingness to share my love for Italian food with my local community here in the US, that Merenda da Jessie is taking a step forward. My virtual bakery is now a cottage food operation, a home based bakery that serves Urbana-Champaign’s area through the local Farmers’ Markets. Merenda in Italian literally means “snack,” and this is exactly what I offer: delicious homemade baked goods ideal for your breakfast or for a break in the afternoon, or fragrant breads to accompany your meals.

Please stay tuned for our latest updates and events and help us spread the love for Italian food in our community!

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